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The Inside Story of Cannabidiol

What are the benefits of CBD?

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We Care: Your Health

CeRay’s CBD hemp oil products can help you maintain a clear mind and promote an active lifestyle. Hemp oil extracts are traditionally used around the whole world and millions of people utilize the benefits of CBD products on a daily basis. Research around the world has indicated multiple benefits of CBD hemp oil and how it can relieve various types of ailments. CeRay’s CBD hemp oil products maintain the original biochemical composition that was within the hemp plants of the CBD compounds to maximize the beneficial effects of the CBD oil.

Why Choose CeRay

CeRay’s Inventory consists of only the highest quality, organic CBD products available on the market. CeRays’ CBD oils and other products contain high amounts of pure CBD (Cannabidiol) using CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) as an extraction method. That’s as natural as it gets!

We hit all the marks

GMD Certified

CeRay's CBD products are all organically produced. All products go through a vast screening and quality control process before they even hit our shelves. We want to make sure that CeRay's customers have the finest CBD products.

Lab Tested

We make sure that all of our products have the correct percentages of CBD. Our products have been thoroughly tested for heavy metals, microbial organisms, fungus, and moulds that could be unsafe.

Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. During and after the purchase process we are here to help you. We are always available to give you the information on our products.

Purely Organic

CeRay puts the extra effort into bringing you 100% organic products! We monitor the process from seed to final product from our vendors, so we can bring you the best, purest products possible. Our strict quality control process promises you the best CBD products!

Quality Guaranteed

When it comes to CBD products and the hemp industry, there is a lack of standards for producers. We treat product testing very seriously at CeRay. We have an extensive quality control process, to make sure we bring you, the customer,the finest products possible

Completely Legal

CBD is 100% legal in 47 states, including our home state of Arizona! We can ship to all 47 states, and you can always come directly in to our store for personalized care and service.